About Us

The Business Empire, a monthly multilingual business periodical, is the pioneer and leading publication amid a special focus on trade & industry, commerce and government economical policies. It covers all the latest news, views, analysis trends and comparative reports on consumer items. The magazine has had spotlight on industrial projects, agri-reports and changing global market trends across the country with having a special focus on northern region. It also confers logic-based forecast on agri-production.

The Business Empire is published in multi-colour and has had the assistance of leading industrial, trade and farmer associations. It has had the editorial teams of experts who along with business difficulties present a clear idea of political concerns. The magazine also bequeaths a concern towards the basic problem like power shortage, unemployment and poverty to fulfill its social responsibility.

It is of great prominence that the country has been emerging as world's leading economy and its strategic importance across the world has been augmenting. However, the advent of global entrepreneurship in Indian soil has also posed a threat to its indigenous manufacturing and industrial base. Therefore, the magazine is bound to give the detailed reports on the problems of Indian entrepreneurs and would have main critical views on government's strategies.

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