Current Event
More than 70% of our population lives on agriculture. It constitutes over 25% of our GDP. Rice is our main harvesting crop and important staple food for millions of Indians. But since the area expansion under rice has slowed down significantly and huge variations are witnessed in both pre and post paddy cultivation scenario, it reaffirms the long time argument that the current agriculture scenario needs strong technological advancement that can not only reduce the cost but increase the returns in terms of productivity, quality and reduction in post harvesting losses.

In the post WTO scenario, it becomes even more important for the country like India to exploit available resources at the maximum level and with the use of modern and best technologies available at the moment, it can not only address the issue of food security at affordable rates but at the same time, liberalize its agri trade in the world market

With the mission in mind, Business Empire Exhibitions is all set to unveil the 4th edition of international exhibition on rice industry in the heart of Punjab- Sahnewal, Ludhiana from 11-13th June, 2010. It will not only explore the area of Punjab but also nearby regional markets including Haryana, UP, J&K. The event will demonstrate best technologies specially used in post paddy harvesting.

Paddy produced on the farm has to go through series of operations including processing, threshing, winnowing, bagging, transportation and storage etc. But during these activities, there are noticable losses in crop output. About 90% of the paddy is lost because of old methods of drying and milling, unscientific storage, transport and handling. The upcoming exhibition will focus upon proper post harvest technology with main focus on modern rice mill machinery, dryer plants, Silos, colour sorter machines, graders, and energy saving devices etc. The event will also focus on latest machineries used in flour and oils mills.

Main Focus
Modern Rice Mill Machinery, Dryer Plants & Silos, Color Sorter Machines, Grader, De-Stoner, Rubber Rolls, V-Belts, Generators, Motors & Air Compressors, Conveyor Belts, Packaging Machinery, Bag Stitching Machines, Lab Equipments, Paddy Parboiling, Flour & Oil Mill Machinery.